Jun 022013
by lo83

A diamond bracelet can be a thing of beauty forever

Are you looking to purchase a diamond bracelet, or give a diamond bracelet as a gift? Well when it comes to any diamond jewelry, you might have heard me say that there are a few things you need know. First, you might be astounded to know that when it comes to a diamond bracelet and the diamonds that compose it, exceptional Color and Clarity makes it more rare and expensivebut doesn’t necessarily make the diamond necklace more beautiful or more brilliant.So if youre going for looks over value, then keep that in mind when shopping for your diamond bracelet.

Everyone one knows that a diamond bracelet is magnificent with almost any formal or dress wear. That’s why choosing your diamond necklace carefully is very important. When most think of a diamond necklace, we all think of high fashion and class. Keeping it clean and safe is also a top priority. Here are a few tips:

Before cleaning your diamond bracelet, you should always make sure of certain things, like making sure all the diamonds are fitted properly. And make sure that mounting and all of the clasps and prongs that keep the diamond bracelet together are tight enough to clean. If you are not sure about how to clean your diamond bracelet, it is important to talk with your jeweler before using any homemade cleaning solution on it. Now, the question that might come to your mind is how to clean the jewelry. Let me tell you that there are various ways of cleaning jewelryand a diamond bracelet can be cleaned at home too.

First, a diamond bracelet, just like a diamond necklace, should always be cleaned with soft cotton or flannel cloth. A silver cleaning cloth may help in quick cleaning your silver jewelry, as it has anti-tarnish ingredients.

1- Use a smooth toothbrush in order to clean the intricate scrollwork of the diamond bracelet.

2- A mixture of small amount of liquid detergent or soap in warm water can also used to clean dirt from the diamond bracelet.

3- Rinse the diamond necklace in warm water, wipe with a cloth and allow it to dry.

4- If you have used a toothbrush, then scrub gently and rinse it.

5- Finally, you can use a silver dip or baking soda paste to remove tarnish.

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